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Big Blue Ocean Cleanup relies on funding from generous individuals to carry out our vital work. With your help, we can continue cleaning our oceans.

Your donation makes you a member of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. £5 could help pay for much needed beach cleanup equipment. £10 could pay for a Big Blue Ocean Cleanup talk and activity session at a school. Your support of our ocean cleanup work will make a world of difference.

Members of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup protect life on our planet. Here are some of the special benefits you receive:

  • Urgent alerts about our ocean conservation projects—and ways you can help
  • Special updates that show how you're making a difference
  • Big Blue's monthly e-newsletter, with conservation updates on marine wildlife and ways you can get involved
  • Opportunities to travel to ocean-rich destinations
  • The knowledge that you are helping to protect the future of our oceans
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