Raising Awareness on Ocean Pollution


Each year, about 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean. Today, about 60 to 80% of the ocean contains plastic, most of which comes directly from the land.

This ugly truth calls for action, as we are all responsible and can all engage in fighting ocean pollution. This is the message the global non-profit organisation Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, born at the beginning of the year, hope to spread around the world.

Why act? The ocean, covering 70% of our planet, is a rich source of oxygen and food, for you fish lovers. Almost every piece of litter that we do not throw away responsibly ends up in the ocean.

The first and most important challenge is plastic pollution.

A study at the National University of Ireland collected sea fish in the Atlantic Ocean to find that 73% of them had ingested plastic. The plastic that makes it to us through the food chain.

Big Blue calls for volunteers from around the world through social media to raise awareness and help fight ocean pollution.

“The support and fast-growing movement for Big Blue shows that people want to see a real change in our marine environment.”

Rory Sinclair
Chief Executive

Every piece of rubbish you collect, no matter how small, helps reduce ocean pollution. Also, any little change from home leading to not using single-use plastic items is already a big help.

We produce about 300 million tons of plastic every year… of which only 10% is recycled.

Most of it ends up in the ocean, and not only affects us but is deadly to marine life including birds, turtles, dolphins and many other that get entangled in nets or choke on plastic bags.

The ocean’s health is vital to the Earth’s survival.

By organising beach clean-ups and supporting offshore clean-ups, we can help reduce the amount of waste entering the ocean. Big Blue now has over 100 ambassadors all over the world including the UK, US, Canada, India, Australia, Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey and the Caicos Islands, and we are hoping to get more people on board.

By raising awareness and challenging people to think about how they dispose of their rubbish on an individual level, we aim to have a global impact.

The ocean needs you!

Big Blue is growing in numbers and is proud to find sponsors such as CalMac Ferries who help by transporting plastic waste from remote UK Islands to government recycling centres.

You can join the movement by contacting Big Blue, by organizing your own beach clean-ups, by making a donation for it to carry out its work, or by purchasing a cleanocean bottle (for each bottle sold, 25 kg of rubbish is removed from the ocean.)

You can also support the movement by sharing our ethos, acting responsibly and spreading the word.

By Amina Sahbegovic

*All data found from reliable sources: NUI Galway & Ocean Health Index

Rory Sinclair