Save the Antarctic Ocean

We have an opportunity to create the largest ecologically protected zone on the planet. We need your help to protect the Antarctic Ocean by creating a massive sanctuary (The AOS).

The region boasts some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. A recently published, groundbreaking study by The Wildlife Conservation Society finds that Humans have affected a shocking 87% of the world's oceans. The Antarctic is among the most vital of ecosystems for so many key species, but it also one of the most vulnerable to such destructive human actions.

The threats to wildlife are numerous, and pervasive. From pollution and industrial damage to global warming and the overfishing of vital food sources; we have never put the seas under so much pressure. A great many species are at risk, and the creation of such a sanctuary would heavily limit the potential for human's to continue on this course.

We are working together with a variety of NGO's, Charities and governmental platforms to help bring real change to the region. The AOC (Antarctic Ocean Commission), a collection of such parties, under one banner are moving to create this sanctuary. The United Kingdom are one member-state, and by signing our petition, you can ensure your name is recorded in support and your voice is heard.

Sign the Petition

To: Minister Alan Duncan and Her Royal Britannic Majesty's Government.

I believe the issue of preserving the vastly important Antarctic Ocean area is one of great importance. Both ecologically and ethically, it is important the region be protected by the formation fo the proposed Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. As a democratic representative, please take this as my formal support of the project and I propose you use all resources available to you to encourage and facilitate this momentous undertaking.

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