Bibby HydroMap joins Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Bibby HydroMap joins Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

Bibby HydroMap specialise in the acquisition, interpretation and reporting of highly accurate and precisely positioned seabed and sub-seabed survey data. Their expert knowledge together with the use of innovative technology supports a range of offshore operations.

Bibby HydroMap have successfully completed over 600 marine-based contracts throughout the UK and northern Europe, ranging from inland surveys to full scale multi-parameter seabed mapping projects covering hundreds of square kilometres of coastal seabed.

Having acquired an unprecedented volume of data within the offshore renewables industry over the past decade, the company is well positioned to provide the necessary expertise required for the most environmentally challenging sites. Our level of experience in this sector is among the highest in Europe. They also work regularly with port and harbour authorities, wave and tidal energy developers, utility providers, NGOs and marine dredging firms. Find out more at

Rory Sinclair