Technology Development

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup works with a variety of platforms to support the development of innovative technologies.

Our goal with this is simple: we want to help the brightest minds on Earth secure the momentum and exposure they need to facilitate great change in the world. Every year, millions of tons of plastic and other pollutants enter the ocean. A significant percentage of this drifts into large systems of circulating ocean currents, known as gyres. These are a target zone of much global innovation, but we avoid tunnel vision with our offerings, and love to work with people working on a wide variety of projects, some of them not yet in mainstream knowledge.

From an ecological point of view, all pollution is immensely damaging. Both to animal life, and the wider biosphere, we help develop a range of projects and innovations that deal with not just the 'cute and fluffy' issues in the media, but the wider issues of waste management, social responsibility and habit-based technological shifts.

We support engineers who are designing ways to deal with pollution: ranging from plastics to chemical corruption and wider water pollutants in order to protect the hydrosphere. It is so close to our hearts and so we believe it vital to take responsibility for it and support the billions of humans that depend on Earth's water to support their lives every day.